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Boolware is the search tool of choice that is used in a most efficient and flexible way to search relevant information from most common data sources such as relational databases, file systems, etc. With its powerful indexing features it delivers blazingly fast advanced retrieval, navigation, matching and calculation of the indexed information. Results are delivered with very high relevance achieved through enhanced search functionality and the ability to combine them in a search.

Boolware is a packaged solution with well-defined and standardized interfaces which with simple adjustments adapt the tool to the application and not the other way around.

Much functionality is already complete and built into the search tool which enables very fast implementation and significantly shorter lead times when adding new features as new requirements arise from the market as well as users. Results that quickly can be converted into valuable resource- and cost savings, not to mention greater customer benefit which is something that can be verified by most of our customers.

Boolware was launched in its first version in the early 2000s and is today a well proven stable product that is constantly evolving with the quest for continuous improvement.

Delivery includes a demo application that makes it very quick to get started.

Boolware runs in Windows as well as Linux environments with optimal performance and scalability.

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