Handbook Operations guide (PDF)
Handbook Programming (PDF)

Operating systems:
Windows (Windows 2012 server or later)
Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or later)

Data Sources:
MS SQL Server 2012 or later
DB2 UDB 9 or later
Oracle 10 or later
Sybase ASE 15 or later
MySQL 5 or later
PostgreSQL 9 or later

Record files (a file in CSV-format per table)
Websites (i.e. indexing content in pages from a selected and crawled website)
File systems files (i.e. content in different files in, for the system visible file system. For example: Word, Excel, PDF etc)

Support for other operating systems/data sources can be developed upon order in a project.


Handbook Unimatch (PDF)

Operating systems:
Windows (Windows 2012 server or later)
Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or later)

Other system requirements
”Java SE Runtime Environment” – version 1.7 or later.
A so called ”Servlet container” – with support for: Java Servlet 3.0, Apache Tomcat 7.
Boolware server – version or later.
Web browsers – IE 10 or later, Chrome 30 or later, Firefox 30 or later.

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