Eniro launch Proff on new search platform

Eniro launches a new version of Proff on an new platform for all four countries (SE/NO/DK/PL).

A most critical and central component is the packaged search engine Boolware liten Boolware from Softbool, which entirely replaces previous solution – Microsoft Fast liten

By using Boolware, which contains many standard functions, Proff can now meet new market- and change requirements with very short lead times for development and implementation. This ensures customer satisfaction through fast, relevant and adequate results, coupled with optimal availability.

Marcus Lidbeck, Business Manager for Proff at Eniro says the following about the platform change and the new search Engine from Softbool:

“By changing to Boolware platform we can now provide even better and more relevant search results to our Proff users in combination with essential shorter “time to market” for our product development”.

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