Customer and partners

Our clients are successful companies that are totally dependent on the availability of business-critical data that corresponds to very high demands on functionality, performance and availability. Effective search services with high quality and relevance is imperative. To ensure and safeguard the resource needs of our clients in major projects, we have established cooperation with a number of experienced partners working in the areas of search services. Partners,who for a long time have built up knowledge and advanced experience of search and that of course has extensive expertise in everything related to Softbool's products and application development. Below you find a selection of our customers & partners.


Bisnode is one of Europe’s leading providers of decision support in business-, credit- and market information. Customers include companies and organizations across Europe that uses Bisnodes services to transform data into insights for both day to day issues and major strategic decisions. Bisnode has more than 3,000 employees in 19 countries.


Soliditet is part of Bisnode Kredit and offers credit- and business information as well as the ability and capacity to pay.Both with respect to companies as well as individuals. The product range includes tools, often integrated into the customer’s system, for finding the right customers and to monitor and analyze existing customers.


Business Check is part of Bisnode Kredit and offers credit- and business information. The product range includes tools to help integrate credit- and business information into customer’s systems.

Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet is part of Bisnode Kredit. D & B is one of the leading Nordic players within banking, finance and insurance. On the Swedish market D & B offers most services and products demanded by medium-sized and large companies and institutions. For private customers, D & B, through partners, offers credit cards, car loans, and a wide range of funds.

Safe Information Group

Safe Information Group is privately owned and one of Europe’s largest providers of credit information online. The group has expanded rapidly since its launch in Norway and currently has more than 55 000 companies connected benefiting from their innovative solutions for business- and credit information online. Every second more than five reports are downloaded! Boolware from Softbool is strategically a very important component of the solutions delivered and included in applications and solutions launched in all countries where the group operates (i.e. Sweden, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Benelux, Spain, USA etc.).


CreditSafe is part of the Safe Information Group and delivers information directly adapted for the web or via customized integrated solutions.


Boolware is used for Eniros SMS service – 118118 – to provide automatic answers on SMS text requests: numbers to names and names to numbers. In this service Boolware analyzes incoming SMS text and automatically determines what is what: name, surname, address, phone number, city, postcode etc. and then searches either until a result is found or determines to send the request for manual handling. Boolware is also used in underlying systems for matching and data cleansing of data to be moved between different databases and also to refresh and clean customer files for its customers.

Nummeropplysningen is an online directory service that contains all businesses and individuals in is a subsidiary owned by the Norwegian company Advista AS (AAA-rated) active in search and directory services in 12 European countries. Boolware is used for availability and instant access to information.


UC is the leading business- and credit information company in Sweden. With the help of the most complete credit reports, unique analysis and effective solutions, UC’s customers can make confident business decisions. Besides, UC offers support to sales and marketing functions to develop profitable customer relationships in both the consumer as well as corporate markets. Softbool has delivered Products, services and solutions covering search, matching and project management.

UC allabolag is a well-known web service with Boolware as search platform and it is frequently used for query and presentation of information about companies. UC allabolag is part of the UC group.


Syna, which is the oldest credit reporting agency in Sweden, was founded as early as in 1947 and Boolware is used for their search- and matching services.

Valuation företagsvärderingar

Valuation Företagsvärderingar i Sverige AB is specialized in the valuation of companies. The company was founded in 2007 and is owned by a number of partners. Valuation has been working closely with Tomas Hjelmström, Ph.D. from Stockholm School of Economics, who has developed algorithms and qualified service for the valuation of companies and also company competitive analysis. Valuation has about 20 employees and an annually turnover of 20 million. Softbool has delivered the search engine Boolware and has also been responsible for the application development.

Valuation Företagsvärderingar i Sverige AB, is also the company behind
A search site for company information. Valuation calculates and estimates the values of companies whilst Guldbolag ranks companies based on their credit rating. Softbool has delivered the search engine Boolware, and has also been responsible for the application development.

Bibliotekstjänst (BTJ)

Bibliotekstjänst (BTJ), is a Swedish company delivering media products and information for, above all, libraries. The company consists of BTJ Group and its two subsidiaries BTJ Sweden AB and BTJ Finland. Together the companies have more than 300 employees in Sweden and Finland and have sales of approximately SEK 900 million. They are headquartered in Lund. Boolware is the search engine used, which also serves BTJ’s site for e-Commerce.

Marknadsinformation i Sverige

Marknadsinformation i Sverige is an address provider of business records and personal data. The company complements customers’ existing or new address register with the right decision makers, direct phone numbers and email addresses. Softbool has delivered the search engine Boolware and was also responsible for the applications for selection processes for both corporate and personal information.


Itesco AB help their customers to improve the power of their internal customer and prospect information and also provides tools to find new prospects together with lead generation. Itesco’s ambition is to help clients to strengthen their customer relations and thereby achieving sustained, profitable growth in their sales and market organizations.

Itesco provides data cleansing and matching services for your customer data through intermediate or continuous services together with new business leads by providing precision targeting that generates selections and target lists.