Once again, Safe Information Group is extending the license agreement.

Safe Information Group once again extends the existing license agreement for the search engine Boolware


A new Boolware version has now been launched.

With the new version of Boolware, you can now, through a few clicks in the administration tool, point out and index any website. This is achieved through automatic support for reading pages from a selected website, via Nutch (crawler), and then indexing the content of the pages with Boolware. You can also add your own intelligent routines, so-called plugins, for example to search for and index the opening hours contained in the content of the pages of the selected website.


The Safe Information Group extends the agreement further.

Safe Information Group extends the existing license agreement for the search engine Boolware.


A new Boolware version is now launched.

Now it is easier than ever to point out which information is to be indexed and made searchable. After an intensive development phase of the Boolware system, a new version has now been launched. This version supports an automated text extraction support via Tika, Multicast to send data between multiple nodes in a cluster in the most efficient way possible, supporting the use of IPV6 / DNS names in a cluster, etc.


Safe Information Group signs once again a new agreement.

Safe Information Group signs once again a new license agreement for the Boolware search engine.


New Boolware version with support for encryption.

A new Boolware version with support for encryption is now launched.


Safe Information Group signs a new agreement

Safe Information Group signs a new license agreement for the Boolware search engine.


Ny Teknik writes about Softbool…

The Swedish industry magazine Ny Teknik has this day published an article about Softbool. ”Link to the article (in Swedish)”

Ny Teknik is the leading magazine in Sweden on news about technology and has several media channels: The paper magazine is Sweden’s largest in business press but is also found on the web. Ny Teknik is aimed at Sweden’s engineers, decision makers and other technology-driven people who need fast and reliable news update on the latest technology news. Readers work in expansive industries such as IT, telecom, energy, manufacturing, consulting and life science.


Additional agreement signed with UC AB

Presently Boolware is used within UC for various types of search-based services such as data cleaning, maintenance of databases and search in person- or company databases.

After a comparison between Boolware and Elasticsearch, UC has now decided to primarily use Boolware for all search-based services.
UC thereby extends the use of Boolware and signs additional licence agreement of Boolware.

UC is one of Sweden’s largest providers of corporate- and credit information. UC delivers reports as a basis for more than 10 million credit and commercial decisions annually.


Agreement signed with Ratsit AB

Ratsit AB licenses Boolware from Softbool for use in their web-based service that caters to those who, in a simple, transparent and affordable way wish to access public information on companies and individuals.


Agreement signed with Bisvalue International AB

Bisvalue International AB has licensed Boolware from Softbool which is used in their web-based service which is a search tool for analyzing companies and markets and covers approximately 50 million companies in 9 European countries.


Agreement signed with Itesco AB

Itesco AB has licensed Boolware from Softbool to be used on their web-based services.

2015-11-01 nominated to the yearly Web Service Award!

Web Service Award has since 2000 let the Swedish web site visitors designate Sweden’s best websites by ranking sites based on both function and design. The site, which use Softbools product Boolware, is one of this year’s nominees in the category “Information and Service”. Read the interview with Caroline Spets, CEO of UC allabolag AB: “Annual survey will guide the development right (in Swedish)”


New version of launched!

The new version of is now launched!

One of the news is to write what you want to search for in one search box instead of two and another is a faster, more effective and more relevant feature which provide search suggestions while you type in what you want to search for.

A very central component is the packaged engine Boolware from Softbool which contains a large amount of standard functions, which effectively meets up with new market- and change requirements with very short lead times for development and implementation as a result.


Eniro launch Proff on new search platform

Eniro launches a new version of Proff on an new platform for all four countries (SE/NO/DK/PL).

A most critical and central component is the packaged search engine Boolware liten Boolware from Softbool, which entirely replaces previous solution – Microsoft Fast liten

By using Boolware, which contains many standard functions, Proff can now meet new market- and change requirements with very short lead times for development and implementation. This ensures customer satisfaction through fast, relevant and adequate results, coupled with optimal availability.

Marcus Lidbeck, Business Manager for Proff at Eniro says the following about the platform change and the new search Engine from Softbool:

“By changing to Boolware platform we can now provide even better and more relevant search results to our Proff users in combination with essential shorter “time to market” for our product development”.

2014-07-08 – best search site of the year is the winner of the attractive title “Best search-site for 2013”. Boolware from Softbool is the search engine behind and is used on’s all platforms. The search engine provides maximum flexibility and power, enabling short lead times for development and changes. In this way can rapidly respond to new market requirements and demands while at the same time provide optimum performance and availability.
Read more at IDG Internet World (in Swedish)


Approved as supplier to the public sector

Kammarkollegiet approves Softbool as supplier to the public sector. This is done by Softbools cooperation with Fujitsu and their framework with Kammarkollegiet (Licensförsörjning 2010).


Agreement signed with Solid Publication AS

Solid Business Sweden AB, one of the leading media- and search companies on the Swedish market and a subsidiary to Solid Publication AS, has licensed Boolware from Softbool to be used on their web-based service

2013-06-29 – a challenger with pace uses the Boolware search engine on all its digital platforms.
Read the article about (in Swedish)…


Boolware successfully used by, one of the largest digital catalog services on the Swedish market, is now using Boolware as the standard platform for all their digital search services.

For several years it has used Boolware for indexing and search of mobile services and for matching data. Now the decision is taken to use Boolware as the standard platform for all digital search services.
Read press release at liten (in Swedish)


Safe Information Group expands cooperation with Softbool

Safe Information Group successfully uses the search engine Boolware for their digital search and credit information services in several countries and are now expanding their cooperation by signing a worldwide license agreement with Softbool.


Syna signs an additional agreement

Syna, founded in 1947, is the oldest credit service company in Sweden. Through its web-based services, it is one of the major players on the Swedish market. Now they have signed an additional license agreement, thereby expanding its cooperation with Softbool.


Agreement signed with DataDia

DataDIA, established in 1985, is a supplier of market information on the Swedish market. It provides business-, address- and consumer information and much more to Swedish and Scandinavian companies. Boolware enables powerful search, intelligent ranking of search results and smart and flexible selections for marketing purposes.


Safe Information Group grows and expands to more countries

Safe Information Group grows and establishes its business in several more countries and now upgrades to an additional license on Boolware search engine to quickly meet up to increasing demands and requirements coming from the expansion.


Agreement signed with ”Nummeropplysningen” in Norway is Nummeropplysningen in Norway. The owner is Norwegian Advista AS which runs the search- and digital directory services in 12 European countries. The company has approximately 90 employees and has over 27,000 Norwegian advertisers and nearly 100,000 registered companies in Europe.