About us

Welcome to Softbool
We are a product company with a strong passion for search. Our business is to 100% focused on the development of high-performance search engines built upon latest technology in order to give customers maximum operational and business benefits.

The foundation and basis of our product development is the extensive knowledge and experience that we have built-up and gained by working for various companies active in the search technology area.

We are proud to say that we know search engines and the domain of search technology. Our goal and aim is to always deliver products that ensures maximum functionality, quality and efficiency, coupled with performance and scalability.

Softbool was founded 2001 and has almost from the very beginning been profitable and has among the highest rating by financial institutions. We have a large customer and reference base with excellent market coverage in the areas we originally prioritized: digital online catalog services, credit and financial services, libraries and more. As our products by nature are generic, they fit virtually all businesses and now we are working hard to approach new markets and industries. We are also approved by Kammarkollegiet as a vendor to the public sector.

We are located in modern premises in Kista where we are happy to receive clients for presentations and demonstrations of our products. We can also offer training at our facilities or, of course, if requested at your location.

The best way to evaluate us is by trying us. We offer a free evaluation period of 30 days. Do you have the need, we are absolutely confident that you will be satisfied.

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Softbool can, either on its own or together with partners, provide specialized services in a variety of areas in the context of advanced search technologies.

Boolware is a packaged and generic solution, which means that it is quick to install and implement the product. Through well-defined interfaces, APIs, we can provide and enable fast and quick development and addition of new functionality.

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