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Search is often intimately associated with matching of information. For this purpose we have developed a product that goes by name Unimatch. The product is a web-based platform, based on Boolware, for creating effective processes for matching and registry cleaning of data (data cleansing).

With the help of intuitive guides and a step by step process, it’s easy to create and manage different matching profiles and then link them to different users and different Boolware flows which contain the specifically developed rules- and matching logic to be used for matching and registry cleaning.

When a Boolware flow for matching is developed and a matching profile in Unimatch is defined, you can upload the data file to be matched and then start a matching job, either manually or by scheduling the start to a later time or date. Via the web interface, you can monitor matching jobs and get statistics how matching jobs progresses.

Records / items that may not be matched automatically, but still probably deemed to constitute a match, so called candidates, can be reviewed manually directly in the program and subsequently classified as a match or non-match.

Unimatch runs in Windows as well as Linux environments with optimal performance and scalability.

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